_Ego styling tools have intelligence.
They are designed using HW2 technology which incorporates a naturally occurring mineral-laden earth that has matured for 4,000 years in the mountainous Red Pine forests of Korea. For the most unsurpassable results we combine HW2 with the best quality crushed Tourmaline gems.

_Ego styling tools have substance, emitting the greatest possible number of negative ions, far-infrared rays and anions (to remove toxins).

_Ego Ceramic tools have energy, thanks to the double-sided honeycomb shaped HW2 molecules, speeding up drying time, leaving hair in better condition, reducing static, retaining moisture and preventing tha hair from frying when heat-styling.

_Styling tools with sleek lines and polished exteriors, a wealth of technological know-how. Quality and high performance are a given, the form and function of each is a gift.

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Kimberley Walsh has revealed that her stylist, Lisa Laudat's favourite straighteners are none other than our ego professional Big Egos!

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Our Hair-spiration today comes from Versace’s effortless au natural haired models. We love the simple centre parting too

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See Alter Ego hair dryer in action on beauty blogger Karrisx http://bit.ly/1eGe85ZMy current hair care routinewww.youtube.com

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